Hotel Abbaye de Talloires : Take the time to unwind times

The history of Talloires dates back to 866. It was here that Queen Thiberge lived until her death. She had ordered the construction of a cella, a small religious establishment of highly modest character: a chapel and a handful of accommodations. Shortly thereafter, a community of monks settled in and developed a monastery. Some time in the 17th century, it underwent reconstruction following a fire. It was in 1681 that the construction took place for the buildings that stand there today, a fact attested to by the date engraved on the entrance gate.

Following the French Revolution, the monastery was converted into a site for viticultural exploitation before being turned into a horse stable in 1840. In 1862, it became an inn, as well as the first restaurant-hotel to border the edge of the lake of Annecy. Today, you can still admire the abbey, the cloister, and the gallery onto which the doors of the former cells of the monks and the Prior open out.

Rich in history, the Abbaye de Talloires has welcomed such figures as Paul Cézanne, Napoléon III, Jean Reno, and President Nixon.

Wine cellar
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Wine Cellar


The hotel features 33 rooms, each of which formerly served as the cells of the monks. If you reserve early enough in advance, you may even be able to reserve the room of the Prior. This is the most authentic of the rooms, with its original hangings, painted canvases, original woodwork, and floors dating from 1681. You would be staying in an establishment belonging to the national heritage of historic monuments.

Don’t go in expecting modern and contemporary rooms. You will find plenty of small imperfections—a result of the building’s old age—but ones that convey all the charm of this hotel.

The remarkable service delivered by the hotel’s staff will contribute to the success of your stay, whether on vacation or business mode!

For the last five years, the hotel’s personnel have brought home the 4- and 5-star clientele trophy, which ranks it among the best hotels in France. During your stay, you will be sure to cross paths with the manager, well-versed in all the codes of the French art of welcoming that have contributed to the success of this hotel and created a model for numerous hotels to follow in its footsteps.

The restaurant: a multitude of flavors….

Pastry Abbaye of Talloire
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La cuisine du chef

There you will encounter two individuals who will invite you to embark on a true voyage.

First, there is Georges Ringeisen, gifted with a great openness of mind and a culinary and cultural curiosity that knows no limits. He grows the very aromatic herbs that go on to refine his dishes. Upon glancing at his menu, the small exotic touch of spices and unusual marriage of flavors serve more largely as anecdotic appeals for embarking on a voyage. On the patisserie end, he is assisted by pastry chef Nathalie Maby.

I also encourage you to share an exchange with Charly, head sommelier of the hotel and a man full of talent and passion. His wine cave is an excellent one that invites you to take a voyage across all the various regions of France and a wide range of vintage years.

This hotel is just as suited to accommodate weddings as a 60-year birthday, a business convention, or a seminar.

The Abbaye de Talloires unites all the skills needed to craft each event into a singular success: warm reception, impeccable planning, and more.

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