Original Camping, the key to success

What are the keys to the success of your concept? Where does your clients’ satisfaction lie in the product, service, and experience they receive?

The key to the success of our concept lies in the notion of freedom and services without restraints.

The idea is simple: we offer a selection of tents or lodges that are extremely comfortable, with private terraces and Jacuzzis that look directly out onto the beach, according to the accommodations. Then, you have the option of enjoying the complete service offerings of a hotel: complimentary toiletries, housekeeping, dishwashing, and room service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We have excellent in-house restaurants. What more, our clients have access to high-quality services such as spas with diverse menus of offerings (massages, pedicures, manicures).

As a general rule, most people come to us looking to relax, wind down. The ages often range between 27 to 50 years. They come with children, whom we look after entirely. Our activity organizers offer various activities for the children, depending on their age. We welcome somewhere between 60 to 70% of our clientele from foreign countries (English, Dutch, German, Italian, Swiss).

These are always properties without cars. Clients are welcome to help themselves to a parking space outside the property.

We have been given 5 stars, and so, we offer the highest level of services. We conform to the type of services that our clients desire, arranging fees that vary between 500 to 4,000 euros per week, according to the options desired.

Alain Dominique Perrin: la clef du succès
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A private terrace from Original Camping in Noirmoutier


The Original Camping experience also encompasses the dimension of service. What are the desired qualities you look for in your employees? How do you recruit them?

When I formed Original Camping, I surrounded myself with people from the hotel and camping industries, but I quickly came to detach myself from them. Then, I began collaborating who people who had never come into any form of contact with these industry sectors, with a few exceptions. I did this intentionally. I wanted to take new people and train them fully under my new concept. As a result, they are faithful and extremely happy.

I wanted to throw out all the codes and come up with a new concept. The fact that my employees were looking at it with new eyes, therefore, contributed to the development of the client experience. Here we are seven years later, and the employees are very familiar with the concept and carry out excellent work. We welcome many employees from the school that I’ve taken over, EDC.

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