Meet Christophe Hache, the head Chief of Hotel de Crillon, a Rosewood hotel

Is French gastronomy still a standard of reference for the rest of the world?

Take the example of pastries. In France, I find that we’ve always been 10 years ahead in this field, as much in terms of flavors and tastes as of aesthetics. Where cuisine is concerned, chefs from other countries remain deeply inspired by European cuisine, whether from France, Spain, Denmark, or other countries—and this gives way to some truly inventive cuisine when it allows for new techniques to be married to an existing tradition.

On my travels abroad, I have been highly impressed numerous times. To prepare my ‘world tour,’ I used the “The World’s 50 Best” guide, which compiles the best chefs from each continent. And the majority of these chefs first came to France to learn the basics of French cuisine, before returning to their countries with the goal of reinventing what they had learned, to fashion something in their own way—that’s where new concepts come from, and that’s what clients are looking for today.

Now, it’s up to us to reinvent French cuisine to deliver a unique experience to our clients.

And so, what is the French art of welcoming for you?

The French art of welcoming has its own customs and rituals. In the past, the client would enter a Michelin-starred restaurant in a suit and tie, but today, most people want to enjoy a memorable time, all while remaining laid-back. What’s important to the client is having an experience that is welcoming, both in terms of service (especially one that is more personalized) and a more casual dress code, all while promoting a true identity in the cuisine.

This explains why there’s such a real craze for restaurants like Akrame, David Toutain, Septime, Mocoto in Sao Paolo, Restaurant Central in Lima, and many others. Clients are looking for a unique experience. Today when we talk about the French art of welcoming, we think of something outdated, a bit pompous. And it’s up to us to breathe in some new life and introduce a touch of modernity.

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