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Welcome to our community reserved for professionals, clients and enthusiasts of hotels, the service universe, and the world of hospitality.
The DH Club is reserved for members who have subscribed to the annual plan.

You wish to

Sharpen your vision of the hotel industry in the future


Refine your latest ideas

Accompany the transformation of hotel careers

Create new synergies and opportunities for business


Participate in exclusive events

This space is designed for you

Discover DH-Club by Laurent Delporte
by Laurent Delporte

Your annual subscription to DH-Club gives you access to the following advantages

1 – A daily exclusive press review reserved for members

4 – A slideshow of inspiration photos of new trends

2 – Inspiration articles based on visits and meetings by Laurent Delporte

5 – Access to videos (interviews – live reactions…)

3 – Exclusive advantages (invitation to events and exclusivities …)


Special rate for the first 100 people to sign up: 175 euros for the first 100 subscribers instead of 249 euros.
Don’t lose time. As a bonus, Laurent Delporte is offering a 20-minute coaching session or free chat.

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