The Diwi Program

 Lucien Barrière group wins best initiative in client experience from Worldwide hospitality awards.

The proliferation in client points of contact due to the rapid development of the Internet and the advent of social networks, as well as the increasingly influential role of children in families, has led Lucien Barrière Group to rethink their marketing approach toward the dear blond darlings.

The objectives are the following:

• Reaffirm the family-oriented character of Barrière Hotels to create a more loyal following.

• Win over new families.

• Create pretexts for visiting through experiences that are endlessly regenerated. A completely new approach has thus been put in action in our hotels as of Easter 2012 around the extremely likeable character, Diwi the ‘blog-trotter,’ a budding young 3D adventurer and a true companion for children, in the quest for the golden key that allows its wielder to open a treasure chest of immeasurable worth long forgotten in one of our hotels. Mysteries, games, workshops, challenges…children must undertake all kinds of obstacles to help Diwi locate the golden key. And a must-have accessory in the toolkit of the perfect adventurer: a disposable camera is offered to all children upon their arrival to help them keep track of clues and immortalize their stay! This playful, all-encompassing device allows us to be present at each key moment of the client relation and extend, even beyond the stay, our relationship with the children.

• Targeted communication thanks to CRM tool Neolane.

• An experience that is 100% fun throughout the stay for the creation of unforgettable moments.

• A website that allows children and parents to design their photo album of souvenirs and prolong their experience beyond the duration of their stay.

In short, in the words of DIWI, always ready for adventure!!

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