Shortened Meal Times

During the latest SuccessFood salon, three issues facing restaurants today were laid out before industry experts. Let’s consider the issue of shortened meal times.

This is certainly not a new phenomenon, since we’ve always been running after time. 5-star hotels and Palaces have to be able to offer a variety of restaurant options for their clients: whether a 30-minute meal, a 1-hour meal, or a meal with no time constraints. Whatever the time preference may be, the client knows his demands and, as always, is in pursuit of an experience; he wants to be surprised as much by the level of service as by what’s on his plate. The rest is a matter of details, all the way from being seated to ordering off the menu to receiving the bill. In terms of cuisine, it is important to be able to produce a dish in a short period of time, even instantly. The quality, of course, must always remain excellent. All it takes is being able to prepare ahead of time and offering foods that marry simplicity and gourmet quality.

Dining in a Minute

The amount of time reserved for lunchtime these days is usually around 20 minutes, even down to as little as 10 minutes for some (Sources: Gira Food Service, Credoc, Eurostaf). This is the extreme case, but it’s not rare to find yourself at a hotel with too little time to enjoy lunch. The first impulse might be to order a quick, simple club-sandwich. This, however, is not a very original dish, and in the end, this, too, takes some time to eat. Hotel restaurants must therefore innovate and offer new dishes and options for a quick lunch, leaving it to their clients to manage their times.

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