Robert D’HENRY architects: SPA for 5 senses

I met the architect Robert D’ Henry at the Hotel and Spa Forum organized in The George V Four Seasons Paris.

It was an interesting forum where professionals from different European countries came to listen to international experts who present their knowledge and experience.

What characterizes your spas in terms of construction and design? How do you select materials to create your spas ? How do you embody the spirit of the spa brands ?  Can you please give us such an example (Mandarin oriental Miami, The Setai Club spa for example..) 

Our spas are designed using an experiential design approach that employs the scientific theories of Evidence Based Design.  Each space is designed to be felt by all five senses and to promote healing and optimal wellness through elements that can be affected and manipulated within the spa environment (e.g. natural light, filtered air, noise reduction etc). We select materials that will support and inspire ongoing wellness –elements that will encourage patrons to continue a wellness lifestyle long after they have left one of our spaces.  In working with an established spa brand, we are focused on making that particular property the benchmark spa that will stand out among their additional spas within their brand. We make sure to incorporate the best in wellness without being overtly trendy but infusing techniques that will add to the overall value of the brand without detracting any of their signature brand elements.  The Setai Club was interested in interpreting their Miami-based brand for a New York City- Wall Street market. Therefore, the Spa needed to be a place where the busy financier could relax, or bring clients to relax, without having to leave the downtown environs.  The Setai Club Spa at 12,000 square feet is the biggest spa Downtown and made the Setai brand a differentiator in the wellness market by being the first of its kind at that size.

The Setai NY Dual Treatment Suite_RDHA design_ Photographer Daniel Aubry_small
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The Setai New York Dual Treatment Suite_

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