Robert D’HENRY : SPA according with nature

I met the architect Robert D’ Henry at the Hotel and Spa Forum organized in The George V Four Seasons Paris.

It was an interesting forum where professionals from different European countries came to listen to international experts who present their knowledge and experience.

What experiences do you propose to the spa customers? What are the different values that you emphasize in your projects worldwide ?

Clients who visit our spas can expect an experience beyond the basic spa intent of relaxation. Our spas are designed to affect patrons on every sensory level. Our projects we have that are located in busier metropolitan areas are designed to provide a brief retreat from the hustle and bustle of big city life, whereas our spas and wellness centers located in more relaxed locales – areas of the world defined by the their proximity to nature (i.e. Costa Rica, Hawaii etc)- are influenced by and  generally designed to take advantage of the natural landscape, integrating eco-friendly systems.  Spa patrons in these spas can expect to indulge in an indoor experience that will complement their outdoor experience in nature.

Robert d'Henry
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Robert d’Henry


Bob Henry, Founder and Principal of internationally renowned architectural firm, Robert D. Henry Architects, has been called the “Sensuous Architect of Serenity” for his unique award-winning architectural style and design philosophy.

In 2007 Bob was inducted into Hospitality Design’s “Platinum Circle” as Designer of the Year,in honor of his lifetime achievements in producing hospitality projects that elicit an empirical experience for its visitors by incorporating the use of the five senses in his design: sight, smell, taste, touch and sound.

 Robert D. Henry Architects was established as a full-service firm, offering, interior design, architecture, planning and brand identity.

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