At Mélia, the Art of Welcoming Begins with a Personalized Welcome

At the opening of the newest Mélia Paris La Défense Hotel, I enjoyed a lengthy discussion with Jorge Roll, regional manager at the Mélia Group. I took advantage of this opportunity to ask him to introduce us to his brand.

 At Mélia Hôtel, what is your take on the art of welcoming?

I would say that it’s about the sense of welcome, the sense of detail, a trained staff that is attentive toward the client. One of the strengths of Mélia is that in many our hotels, the difference comes from the way in which we welcome our client. We have a training that puts a sharp focus on personalization.  For instance, here, the hotel manager is accustomed to being there early in the mornings till late at night in order to welcome the client, as his schedule permits. His schedule is organized around this so that he can offer the best personalized welcome possible for the client.

At Mélia, we’ve created a position called “Guest experience,” which designates an individual tasked chiefly with welcoming the client. She has to see to it that the client experience within the hotel is perfect. In order to provide the best “Guest experience” training possible, we have an internal training program that is renewed each year. 

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Mélia La Défense

The origin of Melia Hotels & Resorts dates back to 1956, to Palma in Mallorca in Spain. What would you say characterizes the Mélia brand today?

Within Mélia, there are seven different labels, meaning 400 hotels across the world. We cover vacation hotels (Mélia is the largest operator of holiday resorts in the world) all the way to urban hotels. Some of our labels offer holiday resorts that are 3*, 4* up to the finest luxury resorts. This goes the same for our urban hotels with 3* to 5* hotels and with brands like ME that aspire to be very modern and avant-garde.

One of the elements that distinguishes us is the Spanish touch, but it’s not always necessary… For instance, here in the Mélia Paris La Défense, you’ll find the Spanish touch in the hotel through the tapas offered in the bar. This Spanish touch comes through especially in terms of the cuisine. As for the rooms, we often work with local decorators. It’s thus in the cuisine that you will notice the most defining difference compared to other brands. Many of our staff members are also Spanish.

Mélia still respects this deep desire to adapt to the environment in which it is located, which is why you won’t find the same room from London to Paris.

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