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Accompanying the transformation of hotel careers

You are planning to renovate your hotel, and you need an expert to challenge your project and accompany you from the early stages of reflection in order to anticipate all the little details …

You are looking to take over a hotel and you want to know more about your potential.

You want to seek out new ideas and develop your expertise in order to anticipate new
strategic axes during supervisory board meetings.

You need to review your product and service offerings in order to remain up to date with the digital world

You wish to develop your service offering in the hotel universe and make it have more impact in order to respond to the needs of hoteliers.

You are an agent in the hotel industry in search of an expertise in strategic marketing with a high-end or luxury positioning ; we can help you.

Let’s discuss your needs.

Let’s schedule a 45-minute strategic brainstorming session together (complimentary) and see how I can be helpful to you.

July 2024


Last year we decided to change the overall brand strategy of some of the businesses under
the Gilan Hopitality Group’s umbrella. Having a strong relationship with Mr. Laurent Delporte has been of great value for our company as well as the overall hospitality division of our
Holding. His understanding of hospitality and his ideas to put the culture of our country in the DNA of Qafqaz Hotels has made it a unique product with extraordinary regional brand

Our cooperation with him has defined and executed our brand strategy, which consequently affected almost all aspects of the business. Thanks to the valuable contribution of Mr. Delporte, we managed to build a progressive brand image within a short timeframe. During the development process, I noticed that his strategy had two main imperatives which were aligned with our vision: to be effective in management and to be commercially efficient. After implementing the developed strategy, we observed a real progress in the determination of our business units’ brand positioning, which was very helpful in the management of the entire company. I am truly thankful to Mr. Delporte for being so involved in the development of our Group.

Elgun Mammadov
Gilan Hospitality Group PDG

Laurent is a strong specialist of the luxury hotel industry and can give strongs insights of several aspects of this industry with a world wide scope, which is very usefull for all relative projects.

Jean-Philippe BELLAICHE
Business Development, Sales, CEO Start-up

I have worked with Laurent while is was managing an extremely complex project. He succeded to turn complexity into simplicity providing stakeholders with a comprehensive set of tools, from strategic vision to operational implementation. Open minded, promoter and listener, he is seeking, obtaining and leveraging collaborations on a worldwide scale. I thus discovered, thanks to Laurent, a wide area of hospitality. Last but not least, Laurent is strongly involved in its community, having done a fantastic job for Europe!

Olivier Arnoux
Head of Customer Journeys, BNP Paribas

Laurent joined out team to impliment a strategic change in staff attitude. In view of the past staff relations it was a planned decisive change. He was instrumental in the program of staff motivation which prepared the hotel staff for a new vision of their responsibility. His example and ability to create cohesion in all of the department he managed together with his skills to encourage all of the other executives in the hotel to adher to the project was remarkable. He gained in stature and although his passage here was short – we continue today to benefit from the effects of his dedication whilst at the hotel. Laurent is totally dedicated to the success of all his undertakings which he has carefully studied to ensure all aspects have been considered before deciding. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Given the coaching and encouragement necessary Laurent has the ability to ensure any mission he agrees to undertake.

Roy Powel

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