The Art of Welcoming, according to Katy Horovitz of Chateauform

What is Chateauform’s vision of the art of welcoming? What do you promise your clients in terms of service, and how do you differentiate yourself from other hotel brands?

As in any home, it’s about:

  • Conviviality: the tables, the layout of the space
  • The simplicity of the overall unity
  • Flexibility: your rhythm is our rhythm
  • Kindness: always being welcoming
  • Freedom: having the choice, feeling free to help oneself
  • The generosity of home-cooked cuisine
  • The natural…in the sites, the choice of materials, etc.

Unlike basic hospitality, where it’s all about ‘having,’ we care about ‘being,’—being sincere, with true relationships, none of the role-playing or pretending; a hand that remains open, not outstretched just to collect a tip; nothing ostentatious; but all within arm’s reach, even including what we don’t have, which we will go out of our way to find—with no substitutes.

How have you succeeded in creating a convivial atmosphere when organizing your events? What are the key elements to success?

We create a friendly atmosphere by developing and furnishing each place as if it were a private home rather than a hotel site.

  • Each home has its own theme; for instance, around birds or trees…these then find their way into the names of each of the bedrooms and conference rooms, in place of room numbers.
  • We leave the site in its original condition, we avoid retouching the facades, and we don’t shy away from revealing the flaws that come with the wear of time!
  • Each room and bathroom is different.
  • When it comes to events, the element of surprise must be up to the demand!
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The meeting room

You have just finished writing a book entitled Homes of History: Small Secrets to their Metamorphosis. Could you introduce us to your book? What message did you wish to convey?

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Chateauform book

It was just the right moment! It was a testament to the fact that offering a work in which our small decorative foray into our houses these last few years could provide some meaning to our development for our teams, our participants, organizers, event leaders, and friends.

I didn’t want to lose any of this. I couldn’t hold all these stories about our homes to myself without telling them or sharing them.

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