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I have the pleasure today of introducing you to my PINTEREST page:

What is it all about? The Pinterest social network allows users to ‘pin’ items into a virtual bulletin board reflecting their interests, as well as follow posts from other users. Pinterest has experienced an exponential growth, boasting 23 million users as of this past July, up from just one million only one year ago. This new social network is bound to start growing in France.

This social media tool allows me to share via images the style of events that I like to organize, as well as my range of knowledge in the choice of destinations and selection of hotels. You will gradually come to find all the hotels that I’ve visited or that I am familiar with.

By this means, I will illustrate my vision of the French art of welcoming, and I hope to spotlight, for example, the best artisans in French luxury or in visuals related to the French art of living, as well as the finest delicacies of our regions. For me, these elements are essential in the organization of an event.

This “French Touch,” very often the envy of other countries around the world, also conveys a certain standard of elegance, refinement, and service devoid of flaws. These roots are anchored in an authentic expertise and overflow with creativity and originality.

As for myself, I hope to reinterpret this French art of welcoming in order to adapt it to private and corporate events in today’s world with the principal objective of surprising and moving guests.

The headings presented on Pinterest are organized around three themes:

French Luxury and Art of Living:

• Artisans of luxury who guarantee exemplary and traditional expertise
• Haute cuisine
• The finest delicacies of our country

Hotels and destinations for your events:

• My style of hotel; the hotels that I have visited
• Façades of the finest hotels
• French castles devoted to events
• Regions in France to visit


• Wedding inspirations
• Events to celebrate
• Event-planning inspiration

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