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I recently had the chance to attend the ILTM Forum, where major hotel groups from around the world come together to share ideas, trends and updates. I was particularly excited to hear about the upcoming projects at Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, which you can read about below.

Upcoming projects at Rosewood Hotels

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts is a portfolio of extraordinary hotels that span the globe. We are a collection of 24 hotels. As some of you may know, the last 2 years have been very busy. We have opened 8 hotels, of which 4 hotels in 2017. We consolidated our position in Mexico with the Mayakoba. We reopened a storied landmark in the heart of historic Paris, opened our first resort in China and our first resort in Southeast Asia. In 2018, we also opened another 4 hotels. But in the next 5 years, we are not stopping there. We are looking at strengthening our presence around the world with another 21 hotels.

If you look at our growth around the world, there are a lot of opportunities for us, in the Americas, obviously in Asia, and very much so in Europe.

Let me tell you a little bit about this past year for us. In 2018, we started and continued our expansion in Southeast Asia with the opening of the Rosewood Phnom Penh. Rosewood Phnom Penh is 14 floors, the tallest building and truly a modern expression of the new Cambodia. About a month later, we opened Rosewood Luang Prabang. Rosewood Luang Prabang is an exquisite 23-room property that sits at the foothills of Luang Prabang with a flowing waterfall throughout the resort and, as a first for Rosewood, with tents designed by Bill Benson.

Shortly thereafter, spanning the globe, we reopened Rosewood Bermuda, which went through a multi-million dollar refurbishment while still preserving the island heritage. And of course, the long-awaited Rosewood Baha Mar, opened in June 2018 and our first properties in the Bahamas with a resort beach with 4 private villas, each with replenishables, perfect for families and sitting next to the Baha Mar resort offering many activities and many family destinations.

Let me tell you a bit about our upcoming openings. Very shortly, we will be looking at our second resort in California. We’re opening Santa Barbara’s Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito, just 80 miles north of LA. It’s our only truly beachfront property in California with villas and rooms that open directly onto the sand.

Today’s announcement is the opening date of the Rosewood Hong Kong, which will open on March 17th. Today is the day that we open reservations. Rosewood Hong Kong will be the expression of a renovation of an entire neighborhood creating a new art and culture district on Victoria Peak side, an icon of Hong Kong.

Then there’s the Rosewood Bangkok, which sits in the Central Business District. The architecture of Rosewood Bangkok is in the shape of a Thai word for welcome. In early 2019, we’re looking at opening a stunning heritage building that was originally constructed as Long ports: Rosewood Yangon, located right in the spread in the heart of the city. And of course, rounding out our openings is Rosewood Guangzhou, set to open in the spring, located in one of Southern China’s most important environment cities for railroads.

So you see our global expansion of Rosewood perceives the pace not just in Asia but throughout the world in the Americas and Europe. But we tell our story not through just the opening of new hotels and extraordinary creations of hotels that express their sense of place and are truly destinations in their own right. We also tell our brand story through our brand campaigns. This year, we launched Rosewood Girlfriends, which is the continuation of our Rosewood Regulars campaign. We were inspired by power of travel for those with Girlfriends to create connections and to be able to reconnect ourselves through our most important relationships.

Rosewood Girlfriends launched with a listed campaign of social and digital, online and offline presence, really creative and extraordinary. We did a collaboration with Farfetch, which provided our guests with specialized gifts with access to their personal shopper network. At Rosewood, we believe in telling stories with curating authentic experiences in our destinations. We actually get some men who were considered for this campaign, but we felt that girlfriends and women going together, creating these kind of getaways really spoke to the design face of today. Maybe the next time we’ll get a Guy Getaway.

We continued our Twelve Days with Rosewood campaign this year and launched our second edition of Twelve Days with Rosewood by launching a gift guide of twelve immersive experiences that happen to each destination’s culture and heritage.

These experiences speak to the heart of what Rosewood does, which is curate exclusive experiences across all of our destinations and creating experiences for our guests around fashion, art, food, all the passions of our guests and giving them unequalled access to taste-makers. In the case of France, we have an experience at Hôtel de Crillon where you come to Paris, and we whisk you away on a private helicopter and you spend a private evening in the Château de Chenonceau, which is unheard of. And you have a private performance in the Opéra de Paris. And then we whisk you back to the Hôtel de Crillon, where you stay in the Marie Antoinette Suite.

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Hotel Crillon – Paris – Room

I want to thank all of the properties and all of the MDs here who unleashed their imagination on the team to create these unequalled experiences. There is the London transfer, where you arrive in your suite and you have a customized Legoland done in your suite, and then you go to Legoland at the Windsor Castle, and it’s a privatized experience. In Rosewood Las Ventanas, we actually have private access to Formula One Rios Cabos, which have never been done before. So all of these experiences speak to the heart of what our clients wish for and what we want to provide them at Rosewood.

Again, we have a really 360-degree campaign, both offline and online, social and digital, really trying to reach our guests through all of their various touch points.

When we look ahead, we are also playing the story of our brand through our visions. We have announced a very exciting new property: Rosewood Venice. It is going to be our 2nd property in Italy and our 8th property in Europe. Rosewood Venice will be housed in a 15th century Palazzo owned by the Dona’ and Giovannelli families, a historic building located in the center of Venice. Following shortly thereafter, consolidating our position in China, will be Rosewood Shenzhen, part of China’s fastest growing economies in a building designed by Foster & Partners.

But we don’t build big hotels. The strength of Rosewood is in the uniqueness of our properties. We’re very proud to announce as well a private island resort in Hermana Mayor in the Philippines with an Echo Resort that we will be building based on some private residences in the Philippines in 2023.

Then there is the Rosewood Houston, continuing our expansion in the North American market located in the cities of our district.

Finally, there’s the Rosewood Shanghai. Top floors of a skyscraper centrally located in the Suhe Creek area.

Last year we announced a new course. It’s very exciting for us. We’re still incubating that project, which will be…well, I’ll leave the suspense

Our path at Rosewood is bright. It is bright because of the openings we have. In conclusion, I wanted to thank you today for the stories that we share with your creative lens.

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Rosewood – Luang-Prabang – Room

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