The Plaza Athénée and Its Salons

The reception rooms at the Plaza Athénée have recently been renovated, and a new ballroom has even been constructed. Upon visiting the ballroom, you will feel like it has always been there. It certainly stacks up to the image of the hotel. This room, which spans 150 square meters and measures 5.75 meters from the floor to the ceiling, represents a new advantage to the hotel for welcoming company events and private celebrations.

Joining the chorus of glimmering gold, seven pendant chandeliers throw their light upon the gold-leafed ceiling. Along the floor, a generous red carpet, inspired by acrylic pieces by Bruno Moinard, imitates the movements of dancers’ skirts, thus evoking the grand and beautiful parties of times past.

For the Organza Salon, the spirit is utterly that of Haute Couture, celebrated here with the sunny yellow light that seems to at once caress the walls and adorn the rug, printed with a cane motif designed to coordinate with the shepherdesses in the Gallery and the sofas of the Garden Courtyard. Haute Couture in all its forms and splendor!

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