An Engaging Internal Training Program

 What happens when you open a hotel? How do you train your staff teams?

In each Sofitel, we have a person dedicated to training. Even better, we have a ‘flying’ trainer on hand in case a trainer is absent or when we need more specific training sessions around the brand’s culture.

We also arrange Opinion Surveys once a year, which involves listening and better responding to the expectations of our employees. This survey covers all elements of satisfaction, such as work conditions, mobility, or even training. Following this, we put in place action-plans with the aim of improving our functions, if need be. Thanks to this process, we’ve been able, for instance, to create improvements on working conditions related to coatrooms, employee dining, etc. We thus draw the conclusions necessary to work toward the right improvements.

We obtain this report from a specialist agency that also works with many other businesses. It’s actually quite interesting to be able to compare the daily activities of one of our employees to someone working in another industry. The major themes that have come out of this study are the engagement, passion, and happiness of our employees in the work that they perform.

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