The hotel franchise in luxury: Towards the evolution of a concept

At the end of the day, creating a successful network of franchises in the luxury hotel industry comes back to offering quality services that align with the identity of an establishment that is unique, rather than generic. In other words, they should appropriately and respectfully utilize the attributes of a brand.

This is why it’s important to transform staff personnel into ambassadors of the brand if they want to maintain a community of aficionados who can convey the true values of the brand. For this, it lies in the best interest of luxury hotels to fully consolidate the personnel involved in their franchises into one network and integrate digital resources in their communication strategy.

But above all, the franchise network of a luxury hotel brand must rely on a clear and widely recognized brand identity in order to attract future clients and candidates (for franchises). This requires the brand to construct a unique universe in line with the history of the brand and maintain a loyal community of followers who can act as brand ambassadors. The concept behind the hotel chain has to undergo a transformation in order to adapt to the demand of the personalization it offers. One could envision a gradual development of the concept of a collection of ‘houses’ that offer an intimate and familiar environment to its clientele, all while making the presence of the brand felt (through elements such as the aroma of the room, check-in and check-out procedures, etc.…)

This article was edited by Judith Tricon Russo, whom I recently met as part of her dissertation on “Networks of Franchises in the Luxury Hotel Trade.” I thought it might be worthwhile for her to present you with some of her reflections on the subject. To learn more about Judith, click here.

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