Health Comes First

During the latest SuccessFood conference, three of the biggest issues facing restaurants today were laid out before industry experts. Let’s consider the issue of health.

Clients these days are increasingly looking to eat healthily. Sanitary conditions in France and other various countries have helped consumers avoid numerous problems. And diners are increasingly demanding the origins of products. Unfortunately, there continues to exist a barrier between the kitchen personnel and the main room service staff. You want to ask where the meat you’re eating has come from?

Most of the time, your server won’t have the answer on hand, and the idea of going back to the kitchen to ask the chef will pose an inefficient use of his time as well as a disruption to the busy kitchen staff. If, after 15 minutes, you ask the question again, he will likely go back this time to find out the information. Yet, in the old days, the French art of welcoming placed the presentation of dishes first. Restaurants have to return to this ideal. It forms an important part of the client experience to know where the dishes are coming from, how they are prepared, and in what conditions.

Clients demand a cuisine that is savory, comforting, and authentic. For breakfast, the orange juice must always be freshly pressed. This signals a tip of the hat to the client’s health. Good taste must rein in a hotel! The hotel should prioritize fresh seasonal produce, local dishes, organic products, and non-allergenic ingredients. Hotel restaurants must function as the engines of health through their nutritional choices.

I invite you to revisit my article on the initiative taken by the Royal Monceau toward Nutrition and Beauty.

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