A New Classification System

That’s it—it’s the end of those navy-blue octagon panels at the entrances of hotels! From here on out, they will be replaced by the Bordeaux and matte silver rectangles under the new classification system of French hotels.

This new classification will also introduce a fifth star, a luxury category that has existed abroad but not in France.

This new system will be relatively homogenized compared to the standards laid out in other European countries and will base itself not only on quantitative criteria such as room area measurements, but also on qualitative elements such as cleanliness and quality of reception.

This classification is not to be definitive for hotels; it is valid for only five years. A hotel may thus be demoted. It remains nonetheless that, of nearly 20,000 hotels that stand for potential candidacy, 8,000 establishments have already received their new classification, and 2,000 have taken the first steps in the process. This only represents one in two hotels and attests to the weak enthusiasm generated by this new classification, which has been aimed at modernizing the French hotel industry.

But be careful, a hotel can boast 5 stars without having the quality of services mandated by the system. It’s important to remain vigilant and well informed on these hotels. It is for this reason that I constantly pay visits to hotels and remain attentive to feedback from clients.


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