The Burgundy Set to Music

The luxury hotel industry constantly makes its appeals to our 5 senses. The client might take away with him the memory of a perfume, a fabric, a delicacy prepared by the chef, a sight, or a slip of music.

In each place within a hotel, the emotions of a client must be stirred. All this must be executed in a logical and authentic manner that aligns with the concept, location, and destination of the hotel.

Today, I present to you one initiative from The Burgundy Hotel in Paris that I particularly admire. The hotel has partnered with the label Metrophon to offer its clients a selection of music throughout the entire hotel (from the lobby, the rooms, the restaurants, etc.).

The team at Metrophon embarked on a quest for artists of impeccable quality, the rising stars of pop and electric music, the future greats of French music. Twelve artists have thus been selected to each compose an original track: Benjamin Diamond, Joypopp, Alden Volney, Daroc, AV, Grindi Manberg, Apple Jelly, Eworks, and Joe Bel.

In this way, a tone was set for the hotel, and the musical ambiance has come to correspond with the ambiance and décor of the hotel. There’s not a single false note!

A musical ambiance must evolve over time and according to the various times of day, in alignment with our moods. After all, we rarely remain in the same exact state of mind from the morning, the afternoon, and all the way to the evening.

If the music is to the client’s liking, he or she can purchase the CD at the hotel reception or download the music from the Internet.

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The Lobby

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