Rosewood has chosen to return to the classic cornerstones of French luxury by placing a butler in each of its rooms. No need for an automatic curtain system to close the curtains—this will instead be left to your butler. Clients who have grown used to international hotels will learn to rediscover the pleasure of being served and thus find once more the essence of French service: discretion, the ability to anticipate all the needs of the guests. The Rosewood has taken on a brave gamble.

The hotel also offers services reminiscent of years gone by that have recently come back into style. For instance, a barber will be on hand to welcome the hotel’s clients as well as local Parisians. A shoe shiner will be available to take care of clients’ shoes. A woman’s hair salon can be found in the spa, as well as one for men to be found in the barber’s salon. Only the swimming pool, with a fireplace and an exceptional artistic decoration featuring ceramic scales evoking the seabed, will be open exclusively for the hotel’s clientele. A cigar lounge will be available exclusively to club-members.

Some of the former staff team have been retained. During the period of renovation, they were able to go through training and prepare themselves for the opening of the hotel. Some have used the time to travel while others have developed new experiences in other hotels. Today, reunited once more, they are happy to live out such an important and intense moment in the life of a hotelier. One of the concierges has just gone into retirement, taking with him all of his anecdotes, his knowledge, and probably the most precious thing in the life of a hotel, his familiarity with clients and the history of the hotel.

Christopher Hache, the chef of the hotel, took advantage of the time to take on a culinary world tour and come into contact with new forms of gastronomy. There is no doubt that his travels will go on to inspire his newest cuisine in his gastronomic restaurant. During this same period, Jérôme Chaucesse, the hotel’s pastry chef, went through rigorous preparation to obtain the highly renowned distinction of ‘Meilleur ouvrier de France’. You will be able to find his pastries, available to take home, on the refrigerated galleries where they have been placed like objects of art at the entrance to the hotel.

There are also new employees who will go on to learn and discover the hotel, its history, its clients, and finally the Rosewood spirit, which they will come to embody by acting as the premier ambassadors of the brand. However, this new team will need time to be able to learn to work together, learn about the place, and come to know the backstage elements of the building in order to perfect their service and achieve the exceptional. As in a restaurant, a chef never achieves all three stars in one year. All things must be left to time. It is ultimately the employees who hold the keys to the hotel’s success; they are the ones who will breathe life into the establishment and awaken emotions within their guests in order to bring life to the most beautiful nights in Paris.

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Hotel Crillon – Paris – Pool

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