It will be up to the Rosewood Hotel brand, little-known in France, to deliver its expertise to its hotel staff and to its clients. The brand was born in 1979 in the United States and eventually led to a collection of around 20 establishments that continues to grow in number each year. The collection also includes the iconic Carlyle Hotel in New York.

Rosewood possesses establishments that are both historical and contemporary. In each of them, the brand seeks to put forth its local expertise as well as the cultural tradition of the country where the hotel is located. Its leitmotif is “A Sense of Place”. It aims to restore meaning to a particular place.

Hôtel de Crillon is a Parisian residence with a French spirit. It offers a multitude of French products of very high quality, from its spa to its rooms, from the restaurant to the bar, from the in-house barber salon to the tea room. There you will find an echo of the history of France, from Marie-Antoinette’s visits to the site, the life of the Duc de Crillon or even the preparation of the Treaty of Nations in 1919.

Rosewood positions itself as luxury by bringing together modernity and refinement, all while keeping the human touch drawn from the history of the sites. The brand seeks to exalt the antique treasure chest that a historical building represents by bringing the modernity of creative talents of today. As a result, Rosewood cultivates a sublime reinterpretation of the art of welcoming where the various eras of the site intertwine.

The Crillon has taken inspiration from the Place de la Concorde from the very moment of its creation. The palace opens on to a new horizon, like the phoenix that rises from its ashes, to write the newest pages of its history. Unlike most other historical Parisian palaces that have chosen not to bring a sense of modernity into the decoration of their establishments, Hôtel de Crillon positions itself very differently from its competitors and delivers a new vision of the Parisian luxury hotel experience.

The hotel’s modernity comes to the forefront around its collection of over 600 works of contemporary art and its numerous pieces of highly modern and unique furniture designed exclusively for the hotel. Given the hotel’s roots from the 18th century, several designers have come to deliver their touch by creating a connection between this period and the 21st century.

All the classified parts of the building have been conserved or concealed to give a new look. There are also several humorous ‘clins d’oeil’ to discover in the hallways of the rooms bringing together once again time, history, and modernity.

Rosewood has come to provide a fresh vision of French luxury and reinvent its brand. It is interesting to see a foreign brand in France that has been able to conquer this challenge, and it is an even rarer feat to highlight and encourage it.

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Hotel Crillon – Paris – Room


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