Creating spas in luxury hotels…

There have been several development phases in the world of luxury hotels. After putting the spotlight on gastronomy by recruiting well-known chefs in their establishments, luxury hotels began re-centering their efforts around spas around the 2000’s. Each fine hotel must now possess a spa with prestigious cosmetic or body care brands. The spa has since become associated with luxury hotels; it is unthinkable today to open a 5-star hotel without a spa and still be considered a 5-star hotel.

This was not always obvious for some whose buildings were ancient and even historic. They had to distinguish themselves by offering services that the client could not find elsewhere. Although it is important to own a spa, we can’t deny that the majority of clients do not use this service. And yet, it is ‘good for the ego of the client.’ They have the pride of staying in a hotel where they can find a spa by such-and-such brand. They may think they’ll have the time one day to enjoy the spa. Some hotels even open the spa to external clients in order to develop their profitability. 

I think, however, that spas in hotels must reinvent themselves to attract new clientele. They have to adapt themselves to the rhythms of their clients and offer cares that are more adequate for their stay. Let’s take the example of a businessman who has arrived after traveling for more than 10 hours, who now finds himself with severe jetlag and yet must prepare himself for an important meeting with a client. He will likely be tempted by an ‘anti-jetlag’ treatment more than a simple ‘relaxation’ or ‘well-being’ treatment. Sometimes, the spa must be able to have a more ‘functional’ element. A client might not necessarily want to take the time to treat herself, but if she sees it associated with the purpose of her stay, she will be more receptive to the services offered by the spa.


About Laurent Delporte

Inspired by the service experience of luxury hotels, Laurent Delporte, expert in luxury hotels and the French art of welcoming, unearths the latest trends and consults on hotel projects while delivering the best of what is done. His insatiable curiosity, transversal perspective, and keen eye for luxury hotels, as well as his network of experts, investors, hotel managers, and talents, remain his strongest assets. In partnership with the architecture agency AW2, he designed  ORIGINE, the hotel room of the future, for the EquipHotel 2017 Salon.

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Spa at the palace K2

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