Séverine Pétilaire
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Meet Séverine Pétilaire-Bellet, General Manager of the LOV Hotel Group Collection. This luxury hotel chain boasts the following establishments to its name: Les Airelles, Chalet Ormello, Aman Le Mélézin, and Le Chalet de Pierres in Courchevel, La Bastide de Gordes in Gordes and Pan Deï in Saint-Tropez.

I encourage you to learn more about this group through the interview below with Séverine Pétilaire-Bellet.


Tell us what speaks to you about the following quote: “Remember that we always need a winter to bring up a spring, and that it’s good to take joy in each season”

Your quote makes me smile because one of the adages of our collection is: “i_t_ _a_l_w_a_y_s_ _t_a_k_e_s_ _a_ _s_u_m_m_e_r_ _t_o_ _ b_r_i_n_g_ _ u_p_ _a_ _ w_i_n_t_e_r,” keeping in mind that it works just as well in the other direction! We adjust the saying depending on whether we’re talking about our properties in Courchevel or in the South of France…


Can you introduce us to the hotels in the LOV Collection? What brings the hotels together? What is their common feature? What is the history behind the group? What are your ambitions?

Lov Hotel Collection comprises of six Houses to date.

I’ll begin first with the Palace Les Airelles, which is the mythical Palace of Courchevel and the oldest among the Palaces. Our collection also includes Chalet Ormello, which is a private chalet in Les Airelles, followed by Mélézin which is a residence inspired by a Savoyard fortress, and finally, we have the Chalet de Pierres, which is the oldest high-altitude restaurant in Courchevel and thus an important institution.

In the south of France, newly reopened after a 25 million euro construction project, the Bastide de Gordes is an ancient lord’s manor built on ramparts from the 12th century. And last but not least, Pan Dei Palais is an amazing private establishment in the heart of Saint Tropez dating from the 19th century that has hosted the love affairs of an Indian Princess and a General within its walls.

Lov Hotel Collection is an ensemble of exceptional properties each featuring a strong identity in mythical places.

Each of our houses share a common DNA: the passion for welcoming, with each site evoking and inspiring a story. We cultivate the art of savoring unforgettable moments for each of our guests.

The Lov Hotel Collection adventure started in March 2007, when Stéphane Courbit acquired Les Airelles. Pan Dei Palais, in the meanwhile, had already been open since 2006, with Chalet de Pierres and Chalet Ormello following suit in 2010. In 2014, two new establishments joined the collection in the form of Bastide de Gordes and Le Mélézin, a hotel in Courchevel affiliated with the group AMAN.


Can you give us a word (adjective) to describe each of the following hotels?

  • Les Airelles: Fairy-like
  • Chalet Ormello: A chalet of wonders
  • Le Mélézin: A destination of secrets
  • Chalet de Pierres: Iconic
  • Bastide de Gordes: A jewel in the Luberon
  • Pan Dei Palais: Enchanting

Les airelles www.laurentdelporte.com
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Hotel Les Airelles

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