A Stay in Beijing

I have just come back from Beijing, where I participated in the China Incentive, Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition (CIBTM) as a Hosted Buyer. I was one of three French buyers. There were 400 exhibitors, primarily of Asian origin. I was thus able to establish numerous contacts in Asia and the Pacific in various hotels and reception agencies.

I visited dozens of 4- and 5-star hotels in Beijing. There are some stunning and excellent offerings to be found here. The effect of the Olympic Games has allowed for the development of this industry (in 2007-8). As a result, these hotels offer plenty of space in their entry-level offerings, compared to hotels that were built in the 1990s.

Choice of Hotel

It is important to pay attention to the style of a hotel. Even with an internationally renowned brand, a hotel can be host to a number of bad surprises. For instance, you may receive the impression that you are entering a large commercial center. Perhaps a commercial center with prestigious brands such as Hermès, Cartier, Piaget, and Louis Vuitton, but a place with very little unique character nonetheless. And after all, when the shops close up for the night, the atmosphere does feel rather gloomy.

In terms of restaurant offerings, you must be careful to look out for authenticity. Some hotels, despite their international renown, do not live up to expectations where restaurants of international standards are concerned. We were invited to several receptions and were able to try out the various offerings. At times, we were turned off by the food, which was presented in plates that were clearly meant for re-heating. You’ll then end up ordering a pizza (that looks nothing like a pizza) in your hotel room! On the other hand, when we were able to try out local cuisine, we were astonished by their talent. Thus, you must be certain to seek out authentic local dishes rather than imitations of international gastronomy.

I was disappointed by several of the hotels due to their evident lack of attention to detail. For instance, whether one is accommodated in the entry-level category of rooms or in a suite, they offer the same bathroom products logoed with the colors of the hotel! Indeed, as if the expertise of a 5-star hotel was to produce shower gels and shampoos. Other hotels instead use bath products produced by l’Occitane, Hermès, Bulgari, and Acqua di Parma, differentiated along the various categories of rooms. Some hotels even boast 7 stars, although the service staff will not get up even to satisfy a simple request.

When planning for a convention, it is essential to pay attention to details on a hotel’s capacity to welcome dozens of bus and regulate 400 people at a time in the elevator lobby. There, too, you will have to look out for logistical concerns.

Any good planner will always have a plan B and be prepared to change the location at the last minute. Indeed, it is possible that you may have to change your plans if a member of the State decides to choose the same historic site on the same day as your event. The historic site will certainly give him priority, even if at the last minute!

If you are in search of living out a beautiful Chinese hotel experience, I encourage you to check out the Shangri-la China World Summit Wing Hotel. You will appreciate the sense of welcome, the exceptional views on the city of Beijing, and the Chinese décor of the rooms that will bring in a touch of spirit to your stay. Then there is the Park Hyatt Hotel, located in the heart of the central business district of Beijing and in front of the China World Trade Center. The Park Hyatt promises excellent services. The rooms are located starting from the 63rd floor of the building.

For greater reliability and serenity at your international events, reach out to the professionals in this trade who will open up their expertise and experience to your aid. You can certainly count on me to assist you.

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