During my time at the latest 2017 edition of the ILTM Conference in Cannes, I had the pleasure of attending Rosewood Hotel’s annual announcement of the group’s latest news and developments in their hotel projects. I was particularly thrilled to hear the group’s announcement of the very latest label addition to their hotel portfolio.

Below you will find the announcement given by Robert Cheng.

A brand-new hotel label…

On behalf of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, I am very honored to be sharing some news that we are re-launching here at ILTM. We are introducing a brand-new hotel brand: KHOS.

This inauguration is really made for today’s generation of influencers and business travelers who don’t necessarily want to sacrifice style or culture for the functionality of a business hotel. The design of the hotels will be inspired by modern-day Asia, so the energy, the innovation, and the dynamism of modern-day Asia will be infused into this hotel brand, which will be a global hotel brand, so it will be in business centers, up-and-coming urban centers, and also resorts.

We all know that today’s business traveler doesn’t really have a limit between work and play. KHOS, being a Mongolian word for ‘Pair’, aims to bring worlds together, be it east and west, work and leisure, or work and play. It will turn the traditional business hotel upside down with new interpretations of business centers, executive lounges, spas, and restaurants. We’re very excited to be unveiling this here and sharing this news with you.

The first hotels will be announced shortly and opened in 2018. The aim for this is to be another global brand. It is Asian-inspired, but the footprint will hopefully be global. More of those details to come.

We are excited to introduce this concept, which we do believe is a very unique concept, both in terms of a business hotel with a distinct lifestyle orientation and also the showing of a modern face of Asia: an Asia that is dynamic and progressive, from Korea to Japan to China. We believe there’s a lot to offer, and we are excited to be opening KHOS all around the world.

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Rosewood – Luang-Prabang – Room

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