The story behind the name

Each hotel possesses its own story that evolves over the course of its renovation. When investors come together to build a new hotel, it is essential to construct a story that will convey the meaning and the authenticity of the hotel. This story will go on to reveal itself in each part of the hotel and transport the client to a realm unique to the establishment.

I recently heard about the announcement of the opening of Hotel Koh-I Nor. Not an easy name to pronounce and remember if you’re not interested in the subject. The moment you begin to enter the story, the name and the logo follow only naturally. Yet this story must also embody itself throughout the space in order to truly convey any authenticity and meaning.

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Hotel Koh-I Nor

I present to you the story of Hotel Koh-I Nor:

Hotel Koh-I Nor is the highest 5-story hotel found in Europe. It overlooks the ski resort of Val Thorens, itself the highest resort in Europe. Thanks to its ideal location, the Koh-I Nor offers a spectacular view of the Alps and the white ring of Val Thorens.

The origin of the name: a diamond of 105.6 karats that is currently mounted on the crown of the Queen of England and featured on display at the Tower of London. In Persian, Koh-I Nor signifies ‘Mountain of Light.’ As the closest object to the sky, Koh-I Nor offers the unique experience of “spending a few extraordinary days with your head in the stars.”

Natural light abounds everywhere once you enter the hotel thanks to its imposing glass structure, set in the form of a diamond. The sensation of brilliant light, its fullness and its restorative powers, is immediately perceptible upon the first step inside the Koh-I Nor. Each aspect of this hotel testifies to its uniqueness and innovation. This new 5-star hotel gleams with the brilliance of a thousand lights.

I invite you to discover this hotel with the following video, which was created at the time of its opening. Please don’t hesitate to send me your comments if you have previously stayed in this hotel.

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