How to renovate a bar ?

A Collaborative Effort with the Head Bartender of the Plaza Athénée
Interview with Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku


” We worked together on meeting the desires and operational needs of the bar staff. The head bartender has put a lot of thought into developing ways for improving the operation of the bar for his staf f team. We kept our ears open to his proposals. His bar is not a bar like the others. It’s a purified bar, rather than a temple for bottles of alcohol from all the big brands around the world. His bar is a space for the preparation of cocktails.

Our task is to create a project consistent with the spirit of the bar that meets the desires of the head bartender. The furniture is designed to provide comfort and place you in the best conditions for consuming and living out a beautiful emotional experience. We are there to magnify the cocktails and other beverages offered at the bar.”


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