I invite you to discover my interview with Olivia Putmandesigner and director of Studio Putman,  that you can learn more about her points of view about sustainable development.

How can the French Art of Welcoming translate itself into the renovation or construction of a hotel? In what way can the French Art of Welcoming influence architecture? Can you give us an example?

The “French Art of Living” has become a somewhat hackneyed expression thanks to its overuse, but it remains nonetheless an evocative one, enchanting in a way. It reveals at once certain values and habits, and a way of being, living, and thinking.

One finds in the phrase a certain value for hospitality, an attachment to congeniality that we should constantly be exploring and reinventing by endlessly imagining new forms that bring us together.

As things seem to grow more standardized, as interiors begin more and more to resemble one another, as pure functionality increasingly devours beauty, it strikes me as imperative to imagine new decors, new spaces that counterattack a spreading international taste for otherwise aseptic aesthetics.


Olivia Putman
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Olivia Putman

In 2007, Olivia became artistic director of Studio Putman, fulfilling the longstanding wish of her mother, the legendary Andrée Putman. Her first project involved the renovation of Morgans Hotel in New York, the very hotel that launched Andrée to fame. Following this was her work on Le Rivage Hotel in Hong Kong, which was unveiled in 2009.

For more than 30 years, Studio Putman has offered a singular approach, a way of defining new challenges, an original system of approaching objects and spaces, their meanings and their uses.

The international renown of the studio has allowed them to engage in fruitful partnerships all over the world. As a result, they have had hotels designed in New York, Hong Kong, and Paris for illustrious groups such as Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, and Accor.

Studio Putman’s versatility and proven expertise have also been acclaimed for their work on the development of headquarters, commercial spaces, and private residences, as well as for their original design of numerous objects and collections for such esteemed brands as Christofle, Lalique, Poltrona Frau, and Nespresso.

Over the course of the years, Studio Putman has learned to establish consistency and leave a recognizable signature.


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