Interview with Marie-José Pommereau

What is your perception of the French art of welcoming? What is the source of inspiration in your work at the Plaza Athénée?

If the art of welcoming at the PLAZA ATHÉNÉE has greatly evolved in the last ten years, it is thanks to François Delahaye and Laurence Bloch, who fulfill their roles as hosts wonderfully. They wanted to transform this classic hotel into the Palace of tomorrow!

I designed a décor that took inspiration from the 18th century, revisited! Of the first six floors, only the two top floors are the most modern, featuring a decor inspired by Art Deco.

The decor of the rooms lends them a warm and welcoming quality; the clients feel at home! The rooms and especially the suites have been designed as if they were private apartments; they have all been personalized.

The materials used are all rich and luxurious. The fabrics are of silk, and many of the details, such as the cushions, have been embroidered with the emblem of the Hotel Plaza Athénée. We avoided floral fabrics because we found them too old-fashioned; instead, I prefer swaths of silk gathered in shimmering colors infused with grays and refined beiges. Many of the paintings and works of art are flecked with these shades.

Only the renovated bathrooms bring a touch of modernity with their brightness. The marbles we selected are clear, and the play of the gilt mirrors creates a charming sense of perspective.

The Haute Couture universe that characterizes Avenue Montaigne speaks through each of these details.

A suite at the Plaza Athénée by Marie-José Pommereau
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A suite at the Plaza Athénée by Marie-José Pommereau


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