Suites Designed To Make You Feel at Home

For over fifteen years, the hotel has relied upon the work of one interior designer for the continual renovations of their suites and rooms (which today number at 54 and 154, respectively). In this manner, Marie-José Pommereau has designed the hotel’s new suites in continuation of her work for the hotel. Her ambition from the start has been to “design spaces that correspond to the dreams and desires of our clients; that is, rooms and apartments that always remain intimate and highly private, that they’ll have the pleasure of rediscovering each time they stay in Paris—as if they were coming back home.”

The dream is an important one: to reencounter a familiar space or to feel as comfortable as in one’s own home. To feel at home while being elsewhere, to travel and discover an environment different from a place one is accustomed to. These two sentiments stand in opposition to and yet complete each other at the same time.

The new suites and rooms are found in the buildings adjacent to the heart of the hotel. Yet this is not immediately discernible when you walk from one end of the hall to the other. Let’s not forget, after all, the timeless expression: “Change everything without changing anything.” As a result, the client feels surrounded by the same atmosphere and has the impression that things have always been this way. This is what we call timelessness.

At N°29 Avenue Montaigne, just above the Harry Winston boutique, the six newly constructed apartments offer an incredible charm thanks to their spacious setting and the spirit evoked by the “thoroughly couture” view over Avenue Montaigne.

At N°21, this time above the Relais Plaza, the eight new keys—among them two signature Eiffel suites, one Deluxe, and one Prestige—evoke atmospheres that harmonize a broad gray palette with rose and mauve. The Signature suites feature a large bow window, as well as a silver-framed window overlooking the Eiffel Tower!

Laurent Delporte - Plaza Athenee salle de bain
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Bathroom at the Plaza Athénée


The bathroom itself is also marvelously resplendent. “Calacatta,” a white gray-veined marble originating from Carrare, illuminates the room from every corner. The pairing of mirrors with remarkable mosaic along the sides of the bathtubs offer an undeniably artistic dimension, as well as a sense of spatial consequence. The bathtub itself is wide and inspires relaxation. With its vast depth, it thereby allows its users to completely soak in all the benefits of a warm bath. The hotel has also installed “Toto” toilets, reflecting the best technology available in that realm!

The furniture is in a highly French style known as “Régence.” It corresponds to the end of the Louis XIV style and the beginnin4g of the Louis XV style. The cabinetwork and joinery bring in a certain noblesse and symmetry characteristic to the Régence style. The decorative arts have carved out a beautiful home at the Plaza Athénée and serve in harmony with the evolution of technology and contemporary design. For example, the light control panels echo the graphic details of those from the Orient Express. This may be but a small detail, but one that fully demonstrates the importance of successfully blending elements from a variety of preceding eras.

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